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E-Square Pivotluminator

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E-Square Pivotluminator Clearance

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Product Description

Features & Functions

The self standing Squarelyte pivots 360 degrees with 9 preset stops to aim its 17 bright white LED illumination at any angle.

The Squarelyte itself easily dismounts from the stand to further enhance its utility.  Dismounted it allows you to put 4\\\", 5\\\" and 6\\\" square vases on top of it and in this mode you can create geometric designs with multiple units.  The on-off switch and rechargeable batteries make the Squarelyte a highly multifunctional light source.

Additionally the AC adaptor can be used to continuously power the Squarelyte.


Unit and stand thickness: 1\\\"
Squarelyte square: 7\\\"
Total width: 8.25\\\"
Total height: 8\\\"
Base height: 4 7/8\\\"
Power: rechargeable battery (mercury free)
Battery life: 8 hours per charge
AC adaptor: to recharge batteries or for continuous operation
Output: 17 super bright white LEDs

Surface top: matt velvet rubber pad
Quick detachable 360 degree pivot stand
On-off: side slide switch

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