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Water-storing crystal gel

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Topaz Yellow

1 oz/pkg

Use for fresh and silk flower arrangements, decorations, centerpieces and ice/heat packs.  Ideal for weddings, holidays, crafts, home decor, floral arrangements and many more!

The "purer" the water, the larger the crystals will grow.  Distilled water is the best.  Add 2 tablespoons (one ounce packet) of crystals into a 1 gallon container of distilled water (or use 3 tablespoons for tap water).  Let the crystals sit and hydrate 3-4 hours.  For faster results, use hot water.  Drain any excess water.  When the polymer has finished hydrating the appearance will look like chunks of ice.

Fresh and Silk Flower Arrangements:  Ideal for use in fresh flower arrangements in a crystal cut vase.  Mix the polymer according to the preparation instructions.  Allow crystals to completely hydrate in a separate container before adding to a vase for floral arrangements.  Do not use for fresh cut roses.

Floating Objects:  Make a beautiful centerpiece; simply fill a glass container (such as a brandy snifter) halfway with the hydrated polymers.  Add a candle and place on a mirror for extra shimmer.

Ice/Heat Packs:  Can be used as reusable ice or heat packs.  Mix the polymer according to the preparation instructions.  Allow crystals to completely hydrate and place in a plastic baggie (e.g. zip-lock or heat sealed).  Place the baggie in the refrigerator/freezer or microwave for desired application.

Cleansing:  If your polymer crystals become discolored or cloudy, simply empty into a colander or strainer and thoroughly rinse with warm or hot water and drain before reusing.  Do not dispose of product through drains.

Nontoxic, environmentally safe.

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