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8 inches Glow Bracelet - Purple - ( 50/tube)

Code: C9-60020

Price: $ 15.21 Box of 50

15.21 USD | 10.52 EUR


Product Description

Ideal for the festival evenings, children`s festivities, bowling evenings
Made of plastic
Single use

       During your festival evenings, children`s parties, or bowling evenings, make yourself noticed with these 8 inches purple glow bracelets. You can wear several on your arm for a cool visual lighting effect that lasts
more than 6 hours. In addition to just wearing them, they can also be used as table decorations for purple themed parties. You can also use the glow bracelet as a small decorative stir stick for your finest cocktail creations.

      To wear it on your arm you simply have to make to 2 ends meet with the junction tip that is included.
To activate simply bent, crack and shake to let the glow spread. This festive glow accessory is sold by 50 units per tube. The bracelets are not recommended for children under the age of 5 years old.

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