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4 inches Glowstick - Green

Code: C9-80730

Price: $ 35.74 Box of 50

35.74 USD | 24.72 EUR


Product Description

Ideal for the evening of St. Patrick or the event
of your choice
Made of plastic
Single use

      To add a light touch to your special event what is better than the glow stick 4 inches green. Compact, versatile and practical, green light will be appropriate for the evening of St. Patrick or the event
of your choice or the green trend will be. The glow stick is a good value for your money because it is sold in bulk with 25 units including strings nylon.

      The use is very simple, you just have to crack it, shake it and let the light of a duration of more than 8 hours and spread dazzle the crowd or your guests. This festive accessory is not recommended for children under the age of 5 years old.

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