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Confetti Cannon 20\' - 50\' with nitrogen

Code: MPL-1051

Price: $ 10.08 Each

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Product Description

This product cannot by shipped via air. Outside of North America - 4 to 6 weeks by boat.

Confetti cannon use compressed nitrogen gas as its launching power. A simple twist of the tube will boost the colourful tissue & metallic streamers with confetti into the sky 3 to 25 meters high, creating fantastic atmosphere. It is regarded as a New Age of Fireless Fireworks. Different models available, all CE permitted.

  1. The pre-loaded fillings are made up of a reasonable combination of big tissue confetti bubbles, small confetti and big metallic streamers.
  2. Model MPL-1051 is designed for indoor use, especially for party purpose.
  3. All our confetti cannon products are use steel gas cylinder instead of plastic one, thus ensure two-years effectiveness.
  4. Our unique design has a safety lock stick in the middle. High safety guaranteed!
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