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Flashing multicolor LED optical fiber mohawk headband -pack of 12

Code: 1-11654

Price: $ 81.43 Dozen

81.43 USD | 56.33 EUR


Product Description

Ideal for disco parties, the concerts rock, raves or for Halloween
Made of black plastic and by red, green and blue light

        If you want the look of a punk rocker or you are looking for a light up original accessory for a particular and special occasion, antennas with optical fiber DEL Mohack headband will be, certainly what you need. You can wear them for a disco party, a rock concert, a rave or for Halloween. This bright product is a must. Made of black plastic, antennas possess 8 spikes made by lights for multicolored optical fiber. The lights cross from the red in the green and then the blue.

      To activate antennas and choose one of the three options of luminosity, you simply press on the small black switch. This bright and festive product possesses 3 G13 batteries that are easily replaceable . One size fits most, antennas are not recommended for children under 5 years old.

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