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Green LED Necklace - 3 LR44 batteries included & replaceable

Code: 1-11791

 Green LED Necklace - 3 LR44 batteries included & replaceable Cool Product

Price: $ 2.55 Each

2.55 USD | 1.76 EUR


Product Description

Ideal for St. Patrick`s Day, Christmas, a race or evening walks
Measures 29 inches in length (76.66 cm)

       For a touch of bright green on St. Patrick`s Day, a fundraising event for an environmental cause, a race or evening walk, you will not go unoticed with this green LED necklace. Increase the length of this light-up product by assembling several necklaces together, . It is very simple, just screw each end together.

      The necklace is 29 inches long (76.66 cm) and has 3 replaceable CR44 batteries allowing you to use it more than once and on various occasions. The LED necklace with green lights is not recommended for children under 5 years old.

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